Dr Eduardo Coutinho is the Director of the APPLIED MUSIC Research Lab. He is a Senior Lecturer in Music Psychology at the Department of Music from the University of Liverpool. Before his appointment at Liverpool, he worked at the University of Augsburg, Imperial College London, Swiss Center for Affective Sciences and University of Sheffield. Coutinho works in the interdisciplinary fields of Music Psychology and Affective Computing, where his expertise is in the study of emotional expression, perception and induction through music. He has contributed significantly to a broader understanding of the emotional impact of music on listeners, namely on the link between music structure and emotion, the types of emotions induced by music, and individual and contextual factors that mediate the relationships between music and listeners. Currently, his work focuses on the application of music in everyday life (and particularly Healthcare settings).

Music in Everyday Life

Development of methods and tools that allow people to use music for improving different facets of well-being. 

Music and Health

Music listening strategies for coping with health conditions.

Music, Emotion & Cognition

Emotional responses to music and the interactions between emotion and cognition in music (e.g., the impact of music listening on cognitive activities)  

Music Composition

Algorithms for analysing and composing music with computers (including Machine Learning).

Music Recommendation Systems

Music recommendation systems for exploiting the benefits and mitigating the hindrances of music in everyday life activities. 

Emotion Recognition

Development of systems for automatic content-based music emotion recognition.

Doctoral Students

Yiting Cheah

Impact of background music on cognitive performance. Project sponsored by a full scholarship from the University of Liverpool.

Michael Bryan

The use of collaborative music composition for people living with dementia. Project sponsored by a full scholarship from the Duncan Norman Trust.

Rachael Drury

The impact of automated composition systems created with machine learning to the music industry.

Current and Past Collaborators

Klaus Scherer, Professor Emeritus (Swiss Center For Affective Sciences)

Chris Dowrick, Professor of Primary Medical Care (Institute of Population Health Sciences, University of Liverpool)

Ross White, Professor of Clinical Psychology (School of Psychology, Queens University Belfast )

Yannis Goulermas, Professor Computer Science (Department of Computing, University of Liverpool)

Kristiaan D'Août, Senior Lecturer Musculoskeletal Biology (Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease, University of Liverpool)

Jonathon O'Brien, Occupational Therapy (School of Health Sciences, University of Liverpool)

Greg Hanford, Music Therapist (VIBE Music Therapy)

Taj Nathan, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist and Director of Research (Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust)

Ruaraidh Hill, Lecturer in Evidence synthesis (Institute of Population Health, University of Liverpool)

Jacopo de Berardinis, Postdoctoral Researcher (Department of Informatics, King's College London)

Tamaya Van Criekinge, Postdoctoral Researcher (Department of Rehabilitation Sciences KU Leuven)


Dr Ayesh Alshukri

Researcher (2017-2019)

Dr Maria Momani

Ph.D. awarded in
March 2022

Dr Jacopo de Berardinis

Ph.D. awarded in
March 2022

Rui Guo

Visiting Ph.D. Student
University of Sussex (2022-23)

Xiaoyuan Wang

Affiliated UG Student
University of Liverpool (2021-23)

Yixing Lu

Affiliated UG Student
University of Liverpool (2021-23)

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