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Music Structural Analysis

One of the most complex aspects of music is the way a composer organises and relates his or her musical ideas within a composition. Different musical ideas are in general presented to provide contrast and astonish the listener, whereas others are repeated at different times or even varied in order to create a sense of familiarity. Not only these musical patterns are closely inter-related, but they can also be decomposed into progressively shorter ideas in light of their hierarchical organisation. Human perception of musical structure is supposed to depend on the generation of hierarchies, which is inherently related to the actual organisation of sounds in music and critical for the appreciation of music. In order to better underestand these processes we are creating algorithms for the automatic detection of musical structure in audio recordings.

Unveiling the Hierarchical Structure of Music by Multi-Resolution Community Detection

Details coming soon ...

Jacopo de Berardinis

Ph.D candidate

Supervisory team

Dr Eduardo Coutinho
Professor Angelo Cangelosi

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