Healthcare and Wellbeing

In partnership with VIBE Music Therapy Ltd and the Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust we are working on the generation of evidence and new objectives measures of the benefits of Music Therapy for the treatment of Mental Health conditions. More ...

Music Therapy

We are developing new methods and tools to make music listening an effective treatment pathway for depression with the potential to reach a wide range of people of all ages and help coping with one of the most challenging contemporary health problems in the UK and worldwide. More ...

Music and Depression

We are developing a new toolkit for enabling collaborative music composition activities for people living with dementia and their caregivers. The aim is to to encourage engagement with creative activities, reminiscence work, social interaction and give the brain and body a bit of stimulating exercise.

Songwriting and Dementia

We are exploring the acceptability and feasibility of delivering non-medical online interventions (including music) for supporting caregivers of unsettled babies with colic, reflux and/or cow’s milk protein allergy. A Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust project funded by the Hugh Greenwood Legacy Fund for Children’s Health Research.

Babies in Tune

Listening to music from our past can evoke vivid memories filled with the profoundest emotions. For people living with dementia, this phenomenon is particularly important.  MUSIC.ME is a web app that helps people to discover music that was popular in their youth in the country where they grew up.  Our main aim is to support people with dementia, their families and caregivers using music to improve their wellbeing. More ...


Music in Everyday Life


Music & Driving

Music selections for improving road safety


Musical and cognitive performance

How does background music affect performance in cognitive tasks?


Motivation in Music Education

A new cross-cultural piano curriculum for students with an Arab background

Music Computing


Music Structural Analysis

Automatic analysis of hierarchical structure in music.


Automated Music Composition 

Composing music with computers.


Music Emotion Recognition

Automatic emotion recognition from music.

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