Music Selections for Improving Road Safety

Our aim is to develop a mobile app that automatically generates music playlists from the driver’s own library that effectively reduces risk taking behaviours and inefficient driving.

Music listeing whilst driving can be dangerous!

Recent research suggests that music with certain characteristics (e.g., fast paced, loud) may impede on driving performance and increase risk taking behaviours, which compromises the safety of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. 

Improving road safety.

Given the pervasive use of music whilst driving it is fundamental to evaluate its effects on drivers’ behaviours, and to develop strategies to influence music being played so as to minimise risk.

Environmental implications.

Additionally, this would contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions due to inefficient driving (e.g., harsh accelerations).



We undertook the first step to understand the impact of specific music characteristics on driving behaviours by developing a mobile app that monitors the music being played by drivers on their mobile devices that can be used in tandem with telematic devices to measure the influence of music on a set of driving performance measures.


Looking for collaborators

We are now looking for collaborators (e.g., insurance companies) to conduct a study for collecting data on the impact of the music lsitening to whislt driving and driving performance. These data will allow us to analyse the link between music characteristics and driving behaviours, and to develop the first computational models that predict the potential risk of specific music pieces for driving. Please contact Dr Eduardo Coutinho (e.coutinho [AT] liverpool [DOT] ac [DOT] uk) for more information.

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