Music Therapy & Mental Health

Music Therapy (MT) is psychological clinical intervention that aims at helping people whose lives have been affected by injury, illness or disability through supporting their psychological, emotional, cognitive, physical, communicative and social needs. MT techniques include engaging the client in singing, music composition, and instrument playing.

In a new collaboration with VIBE Music Therapy Ltd and the Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust we are working on the generation of evidence and new objectives measures of the benefits of Music Therapy for the treatment of Mental Health conditions. 

Work plan


The effectiveness of Music Therapy

We are conducting a systematic literature review (SLR) on the effectiveness of Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy interventions on specific Mental Health conditions. 


New assessment tools

We are developing an automated facial analysis software tool to supplement existing MT outcomes with the aim of enabling Music Therapists to better follow their clients progression by providing empirical data for further evaluation.


Knowledge Exchange

We are organising a knowloedge exchange workshop showcasing the benefits of Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy interventions for the treatment of Mental Health conditions to Music Therapists, health professionals and other professionals/researchers/institutions interested in music-based interventions in healthcare.


Clinical Trials

We aim to conduct clinical trials of the developed systems within NHS mental health settings to reinforce the benefit of music therapy as a clinical intervention.


This project is supported by a Research England Knowledge Exchange Voucher (Higher Education Innovation Fund scheme). 

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