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We are looking for participants for our research studies. With your help we can learn more about the impact of music in people's lives. 

Babies in Tune

A University of Liverpool and Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust project funded by the Hugh Greenwood Legacy Fund for Children’s Health Research. We are exploring the acceptability and feasibility of delivering non-medical online interventions for supporting caregivers of unsettled babies with colic, reflux and/or cow’s milk protein allergy. 

Music whilst Studying

Students commonly listen to music whilst studying. However, the extent to which background music is beneficial for studying is unclear as the effect might differ among individuals, the types of study tasks, as well as the types of music being listened to. Therefore, we aim to conduct a research to explore students’ music listening habits when they are studying, and students’ perception of how background music affects them and their study outcomes.

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