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Music whilst Studying

Students commonly listen to music whilst studying. However, the extent to which background music is beneficial for studying is unclear as the effect might differ among individuals, the types of study tasks, as well as the types of music being listened to. 

In this study we explore students’ music listening habits when they are studying, and their perception of how background music affects them and their study tasks. If you are willing to help us with our research, please read the information below to learn more about this study, what your participation entails, and how to participate. Thank you!!

N.B. You can only take part if you are 18+ years old, a student (full- or part-time) and have an Android smartphone (you will need to install and use an Android mobile app). This study has received ethical approval from the University of Liverpool.

Information Sheet

This document explains all you need to know about participating this study. Make sure that you read it carefully before starting your participation.

How to participate

Make sure that you read or watch these instructions before you start using MuPsych. It contains detailed information about using the app and participating in the study.


If you read the instructions above you are ready to install the MuPsych App. 

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